Monday, 15 September 2008

who the hell is HORT

As I've just bought my booka shade ticket, who are soon to be getting their style on in stylus, I thought I would do a little review of HORT. Why? well they've designed all of booka shade's new artwork for the new album The sun and the neon light (above). I heard about them on a booka shade interview and thought I'd look them up, and I'm glad I did because these guys and girls are designing from the future! Their work is totally modern and totally amazing...

I love the new album sleeve, check out the contrast between modern typography and the older cubist sytle installation. They took elements from the typography made giant 3D models of it and then projected booka shade's faces onto it... genius!

The same style has been used to create a limited edition K-Swiss trainer which booka shade are using as a give away on their website. They've done some cool posters too, it's barely readable but it doesn't matter! They've created their own brand of booka shade. Check out more of their work here

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