Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Toyota Matrix


This is a cool site, the designers have managed to add excitement to an otherwise boring and uninspiring car. Lets face it the Toyota Matrix is'nt exactly a Ferrari so it's hard to get people excitied and interested but this site has definatly done that! The sites takes it's concept from the very cool intro movie for the site, in which the Toyota Matrix is driving around a city at day time with its full beams on, turning everything they shine upon into night time and partying fun etc etc. It's a very nice idea and is hard to explain so just watch it on the site! The site is based around a 3D model of the Matrix, your cursor is the full beams which makes everything look alot cooler and more interesting when you roll over anything on screen. You can also move around the car by moving the cursor to the edges of the screen. This is no ordinary website and almost resembles a computer gaming menu, and shows what happens when people think outside the box.

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