Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Beijing Olympic Stadium

I can imagine everyone was just as astonished as I was when they watched the beginning of the Olympic games. Im not sure what stunned me more the amazing opening ceremony, the sheer size of the stadium or Usain Bolt's 100 metre finish time! I hadn't really been following the progress of the games or the construction of the stadium so it totally took me by surprise to see a giant birds nest. All of the 110, 000 tons of chinese steel make this the largest steel structure in the world, and at $423 million it was built for one tenth of the cost it would have taken to build in the west. Swiss architect firm Herzog & de Meuron are responsible for the amazing design of this building, and they see the nickname 'the birds nest' as something of a compliment, "In China, a bird's nest is very expensive, something you eat on special occasions." Although the olympics are over the stadium will still be used for football games, and there is also a planned exstention for a shopping mall and hotel to increase its use.

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