Sunday, 14 September 2008

Maus - A survivor's tale

Now I cant decide why this is my favourite book, is it the unbelievable story that Art Spiegelman's father has lived or the unusual graphic way in which he choose to illustrate the story, Jews as mice, Germans as cats, French as frogs etc? The beutiful way in which his story inter-twines between past and present? Or the frightening reality of a story that turned a once compassionate and resourceful Vladek Spiegelman into a bitter, stingy and difficult to live with concentration camp survivor? This story is better than any fiction, full of constant twists turns close shaves and near misses, sad times, happy times, and confusing times. It may have only taken me one night to read as it is a short story, but it is without doubt the best nights read ive ever had. A MUST MUST read!

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