Monday, 15 September 2008

Stranger than Fiction

A distinctly average film, if only it was as good as the opening sequence by MK 12 studio's. Stranger than Fiction follows the life of Harold Crick, a simple IRS auditor who one day wakes up to have his life being narrated step by step. Although the film isn't great the producer does manage to keep you constantly interested and engaged with the use of playful camera angles and inframe oddities. MK 12 studio's created a very edgy looking intro for the film, based on Harold's obsessive compulsion for numbers. For instance he would know how many steps it is to the bus stop or his mind would be constantly measuring distances between inanimate objects, all this information has been cleverly overlayed to create a sort of Heads Up Display (HUD). Take a look...

the outro is pretty neat too!

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